Are you frustrated with the direction we are headed .. in opposite directions of a loved one, a neighbor, or an old friend?
As we survive the most polarizing election seasons in recent history and around the world, it’s fair to ask the question, “Can we still love & relate in a polarized world?”
Journey with me through my memoir, having grown up outside my passport country the United States, moving to Thailand when I was 7 years old, and never stopped .. 8 countries now hold a piece of my heart. My unique cross-cultural perspective holds valuable tools we need to turn this thing around.
My story of confronting failure, gross failure .. financial ruin, harmful sexual pursuits, and other shadows of my past, unearths a beautiful mosaic of human connections, each shining a light on my path toward redemption and self-awareness. Building Bridges is my memoir, and so much more. It shows us the transformative potential of embracing others, and more importantly .. being embraced BY others—Offering us a beacon of hope in a bitterly fragmented world. My journey holds  keys to a life we all want to live in a healthy community we want and deserve.
I tell my story through the lens of our most divisive issues such as race, immigration, sex & gender, religion, politics. It brings to light principles that YOU can utilize as well to build a healthy community and move a bit closer to the ‘other’. This message is an important one when it feels like these days, we are being transported back to a more brutal time. My journey should answer resolutely for anyone the question, “Can We Love & Relate in a Polarized World?”