Building Bridges: Can We Love & Relate in a Polarized World?

This is my story. It is about the vast riches I have gained falling in love with everyone I meet. I didn’t intentionally orchestrate much of this life. I just simply walked through the doors opened in front of me, or stumbled through more than a few of them.
Whether it was surviving a pious upbringing as a missionary kid in Thailand, or serving as a sailor in the US Navy, I found my love for people from all walks of life. From countless failures such as going bankrupt as a tech start up founder in the Philippines or winding up in jail this did not impede my desire to learn how to build a bridge between us. Eventually, ending up as a good-will ambassador in Türkiye for the US Department of State, I am compelled to open up and tell my story to inspire others to get along.
This book is broken down into our most divisive issues, while introducing the myriad of people that had an impact on me. We see war, culture wars and real wars unraveling the progress we’ve made, turning back the clock to a more brutal time. These pages suggest it is, indeed, possible to expand our community by applying empathy, discovery, intellectual honesty, and figuring out what things we control and what things we don’t.
When we are tempted to believe it is pointless to offer our hand to the ‘other’, I believe my story is a refreshing reminder that it is always worth the risk. Your story is not my story, but isn’t that the exciting part? We can celebrate our similarities AND not fear our differences.