Michael Sullivan

Biden’s Wall

This article was conceived before all hell broke loose around Gaza, the Palestinian enclave to the south of Israel a few days ago. The night before I sat down here to start the draft, I read 700 Israeli’s had been killed and 2000 wounded, with about 300 or so Palestinian civilians also killed in collateral

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Building Bridges: Can We Love & Relate in a Polarized World? This is my story. It is about the vast riches I have gained falling in love with everyone I meet. I didn’t intentionally orchestrate much of this life. I just simply walked through the doors opened in front of me, or stumbled through more

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Lia Thomas

I have access to Apple News + and when I scroll to the left I can bring up the latest articles that Apple deems worthy for me to look at. I laugh at some of them. Many of them are bound to suck me into some political worm hole to get excited about or be

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Deeply Wounded

Let me make myself clear. Anytime I open my mouth about China, its coming from a perspective of love and affection for the Chinese people and the desire to see China grow into a formidable nation of prosperity and peace. A nation, whose people can enjoy the autonomy and accountability that people in the West

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Culture Gap

That’s what I call my new dilemma, challenge, obstacle, whatever you want to refer it to.  It has tiers too! The first tier is the language barrier.  This splits into two more separate issues. The first is my inability to speak or understand Visaya and Tagalog.  The second issue is that no one expects me

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