My Career ..

Apgujeong-do – Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

01/2019 – Present
Hours per week: 45
Corporate English Instructor

  • Facilitate a four week and eight-week course with a collaborative, participatory environment, providing Hyundai Motor Group executives 48 to 52 hours per week of intensive English instruction.
  • Carry out two month intensive cross-cultural training courses alongside English instruction for Hyundai expatriate executives going abroad to various branches.
  • Converted legacy classroom intensive English program for Hyundai executives over to virtual learner- centered environment to support social distancing requirement during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Wrote all 20 facilitator guides and 20 student active learning preparation guides and collaborating with colleagues during pilot course.
  • Weekly analysis of assessment data and drawing up conclusive reports to administrators for both client and supervisors.
  • Provided 35 curriculum content modules for ESP course, including dialogs, English learning tips, and assessment exercises. Provided associated video acting and listening content materials as needed.
  • Specialized knowledge of current test and measurement theories, principles, practices, and techniques, to include those relating to proficiency, performance, achievement, and diagnostic testing. Specialized knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of ESL/EFL instruction, instructional design, and materials development.
  • Specialized knowledge of the English language, cross-cultural communications, and American culture.
  • Skill in writing and analyzing test items, applying current testing theory and complying with organizational guidelines.
  • Expert and highly specialized ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to plan and organize work, confer with co-workers.

Bong Myeong Dong
Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

02/2018 – 12/2018
Hours per week: 40
English Instructor

  • Provided EMI-based English immersion instruction for 6&7 year-old Kindergartners.
  • Promulgated all aspects of classroom management to provide a positive/loving environment for kids.. 
  • Developed thematic and relevant extra-curricular materials for weekly focus activities.
  • Cooperated with staff and colleagues for community support events with children and their families
  • Professional knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of ESL/EFL instruction.

Mactan Island Cebu, Philippines

01/2017 – Present
Hours per week: 40
English Instructor

  • Provided CLIL-based contextual learning environments for university students & professionals
  • Conducted 1-on-1 English coaching for high profile clients, e.g. film producers, doctors, financial advisors, CEO’s, accountants , and government and military officials from Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and/or Japan.
  • Developed and conducted News & Biz classes to teach English along with an appreciation of Wester Culture, travel, current events, and American cultural norms.
  • Led group classes integrating academic language, and business etiquette into daily language learning activities.
  • Provided speaking proficiency, testing analysis and counseling for IELTS students.
    Developed academic language advanced reading course for master-level professionals.
  • Mentored professionals & university students through business & technology presentations projects.
  • Mentored junior teachers and joined in with all team building and social events.

299 Yakal St., San Jose Village,
Lawaan III Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

07/2011 – 01/2017
Hours per week: 40
Start-up Founder and Entrepreneur

  • Coordinated the installation and maintenance of a commercial laundry and 15 stage water filtration facility. Researched and procured all necessary elements for safe and continual operations thereof. Designed and renovated facility spaces to provide a clean and safe working environment for employees. Efforts resulted in bottled water retail and neighborhood laundry services.
  • Personally researched all aspects of the business plan. Conducted feasibility studies, marketing concepts such as logos, pricing plan, and promotion schemes.
  • Supervised all operational aspects of our own laundry and water filtration business. Maintained inventory, customer relations, and employee accountability
  • Finance and technology startup founder for Means Data Systems. Coordinated grant studies with local universities and local businesses to build a financial technology platform to to advance financial inclusion among the poor. Designed and promulgated fundraising efforts with USAID representatives in coordination with San Carlos University, Cebu
  • Developed and ran a crowdfunding campaign for a local inventor and his intellectual property.
  • As a motivational speaker, facilitated work relations and strategic management conferences for city and provincial governments in Cebu.
  • Briefly provided fellow entrepreneur guidance for a team of software development interns for Cebu Institute of Technology at University of the Philippine’s technology startup incubator.
  • Skill in using technology, including but not limited to a wide range of databases and statistical analysis programs. This includes the ability to perform statistical analysis to identify significant factors and fundamental relationships, gather pertinent data, and recognize solutions pertaining to special testing programs and projects.

Commonwealth Highway
Quezon City, Philippines

06/2015 – 09/2015
Hours per week: 25
English Program Developer and Instructor

  • Provided teacher trainer and English accent coaching for all English teachers.
  • Taught vocabulary in context to Korean middle-school and high school students.
  • Taught college preparatory classes for Korean students.
  • Developed TOEFL course curriculum outlines.
  • Held two key TESOL Fundamentals seminars for Metro Manila area at the Ortigas Center on teaching production and receptive Skills

Salcedo Village, Makati
NCR, Region, Philippines

01/2015 – 06/2015
Hours per week: 40
Communications & Language Consultant

  • Provided language assessment tools for the BPO industry. These tools were used to gauge English language proficiency and production among recruitment teams. Conducted train-the-trainer sessions for key clients such as ANZ Banking Corp. and HSBC.
  • Designed assessment regimes for our clients, using real world client data and trials to properly calibrate them for accuracy.
  • Conducted product research tp Develop assessments for chat and email communications, and developed criteria, concepts, and test bed prototypes and worked with clients to fashion a finished product.
  • Provided change-Management consulting for the shared-services of some of the world’s leading companies, such as HSBC, Wells Fargo, ANZ Banking Corp., and Thomson Reuters. One project involved fully integrating their screening assessments into the SAAS human resource management system our company developed.
  • Vetted and tested software to compile needed changes during the user acceptance testing phase for our client’s SAAS platform that provided language testing analysis and tracking of KPI’s for career enhancement and e- learning suite integration.
  • Lead Implementation of Project Management Office by establishing Policy, PM Tool user protocols, and Authorization hierarchy. Conducted an internal preliminary project management survey.
  • Trained Staff on Celoxis project management SAAS platform, establishing Roles, Dashboards, and financial & resourcing parameters for each Provided session on stage transitions, policy, and change management and risk management practices.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and analysis to perform studies and prepare reports, documentation, and correspondence to communicate recommendations and conclusions clearly.
  • Skill in maintaining, managing, and adapting testing programs to ensure their academic integrity and compliance with administrative and security requirements. Ability to conduct, interpret, and evaluate statistical analyses and special testing programs and projects.
  • Knowledge of the software development process sufficient to analyze testing application software requirements and develop supportable recommendations for enhancement.

Phrae, Phrae Thailand

11/2013 – 12/2014
Hours per week: 40
English Instructor

  • Key part in building the institution’s English program administration, curriculum, assessment criteria and assessments.
  • Collaborated with local staff and colleagues in cross-cultural teaching activities with various levels to assist with compliance to future ASEAN and government requirements.
  • Engaged in full-time teaching in the Intensive English program for grades P3, P4, P5, P6, M1
  • Committed 100+ hours English training for Phrae Provincial Government offices to include, social welfare office, financial audit office, officer of the governor, forestry and agriculture departments.
  • Twice a week, taught 35 students in an independent after school program for accelerated English learners in middle school and high school

Sai Sawang, Tambon That
Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon Thailand

04/2013 – 11/2013
Hours per week: 40
English Instructor

  • Provided English learning curriculum, lesson planning, and instruction for grades 11 and 12. Taught 800 students each week for one contracted term.
  • Developed curriculum and assessments adapted to the unique environment of large populous classrooms (50+ students) and diverse language levels among the 12 classes.
  • Privately tutored high school students, university students, and medical staff in English

Sembawang Shipyard
Admiralty Rd. Singapore, Singapore

02/2008 – 07/2011
Hours per week: 45
Defense Information Systems Agency Telecommunication Node Regional Coordinator (Southeast Asia)

  • Top Secret Clearance
  • The Node Coordinator for key U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) telecoms node in Southeast Asia. Oversaw $1,300,000 of improvements to support President Barak Obama’s military pivot to Asia. Awarded Navy Achievement Medal.
  • Provided Unit with support role as Educational Services Officer (ESO) for two years. ESO responsibilities involving answering telephone/email inquiries when there are questions regarding education and training policies . Ensured all military and support personnel attached were education on the education and training regulatory requirements and governing directives.
  • Ensured the regular configuration installation, testing, operation, application integration, modification, troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance of existing, new, or modified data communications networks, nodes, systems, infrastructure, hardware, circuits, and transmission media on a variety of LAN’s (Local Area Networks), and data communications systems, supporting all DOD missions and tenant’s activities in the AOR.
  • Lead responder to all technical needs for the telecommunications node. Liaison for local Singaporean telecommunication activities and support and also a liaison for all Department of Defense customers utilizing our station. Reported directly to proper military and civilian officials.
  • Managed the writing and updating of all station Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in accordance with military specifications and the Defense Information Systems Agency.
  • Investigated and researched upgrades necessary to bring the technical facility into full compliance with Defense Information systems Agency and military technical facility regulations. This involved telecommunications systems and subsystems, support systems (power, protection, safety and security).
  • Trained 150 naval staff personnel for the Royal Thai, Philippine, and Singaporean navies at 4 HQ’s and on 10 vessels. Trained officers and technicians the installation, operation, and maintenance of communications kits for multi-national cooperative engagements for anti-terrorism and disaster relief.
  • Facilitated local training on technical recovery, communications outage response, preventative maintenance, field assembly of portable communications kits for cooperative engagements.
  • Knowledge of general purpose computer equipment and peripherals, other educational media, and problem solving procedures, techniques, and methods to resolve a wide range of common equipment and operating problems.
  • Ability to research, compile, and analyze data; receive, screen, review, verify, and maintain documents and resolve discrepancies.

Naval Station Norfolk
Naval Base, Norfolk, VA 23511 United States

11/2002 – 02/2008
Hours per week: 40
Combat Systems Communications Electronics Workcenter Supervisor

  • Top Secret Clearance
  • Led the communications electronics maintenance team for two years as the work center supervisor. Continually led efforts to troubleshoot and analyzing faults and system operation to support operational needs. Provided continual guidance and mentorship to 5 junior technicians.
  • Trained and evaluated electronics systems supervisors and area technicians in casualty response procedures. His superior systems knowledge and personnel management contributed markedly to the ships operation readiness for deployment to operate in the 6th Fleet and 5th Fleet area of responsibility.
  • Installed, modified, overhauled, maintained, troubleshot, and repaired ALL communications systems and navigation radars with their ancillary equipment utilizing radio frequency (RF) monitor and test group equipment, high power amplification units, frequency generation equipment etc…
  • Provided guidance and leadership as the Departmental representative for the Board of Inspection Survey (INSURV) Readiness Team for the Combat Systems Department. Chief liaison for the department during INSURV’s 2007 inspection. Developed the checklists based on INSURV guidance and requirements. Spearheaded the department’s preparation for INSURV provided chain of command updates on their status.
  • Utilized safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintained a safe and clean work environment. Frequently gave safety training for all shipboard personnel working aloft with safety harnesses.
  • Ability to understand the interaction of a number of complex, interrelated circuits such as timing circuits, pulse forming networks, etc., to determine the cause of a malfunction and to assist engineers in developing, debugging, or modifying diagnostic problems by identifying and investigating apparent contradictions between test specifications or test requirement documents and recommend changes where necessary; and to use computer terminals to maintain records and document actions.

US Navy Building, North Audley St.
London, United Kingdom

11/2000 – 11/2002
Hours per week: 0
UHF Systems Electronics Technician

  • Installed, modified, overhauled, maintained, troubleshot, and repaired satellite communications systems utilizing radio frequency (RF) monitor and test group equipment, high power amplification units, frequency generation equipment etc…
  • Set up and operated software controlled automatic test equipment (ATE) to test and troubleshoot complex electronics components and systems.
  • Utilized safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintained a safe and clean work environment.
  • Knowledge of operating electronic principles such as circuit elements, digital logic, microprocessors, core memory, interface circuits, digital data transmission, antennas, signal behavior, amplification and display, as found in complex electronic shipboard and ground communications operational system(s) consisting of numerous complex integral components which require knowledge of a wide range of electronic principles and practices.